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Our 70′s House

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Now that we have finally purchased a house, we are faced with the unique remodel challenges inherent with this typical split entry two-story rectangle. This ubiquitous model is listed in the “History of American Architecture.” Widely popular and afforable in the 1970′s, it is not a favorite design today. GOOGLE “1970′s house” and find many web sites which address new owners disgruntled attitudes fueling all manner of passionate remodel projects.

Now I join the ranks.

This house has alot of potential. But design-wise, it is definitely THAT 70′s HOUSE. Small bedrooms all clustered together, small hallways, small closets, small closed-off kitchen with drop ceiling, big downstairs rumpus room with drafty fireplace! Arrgg! So, first, for me it was more about this property’s Location Location Location. Sweet.

This 70′s house sits on 1/3 acre near the end of the Oregon Trail at the Willamette River in Oregon City. Fitting, in that I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, where the Oregon Trail begins.

The street is named after the beautiful and peaceful Marylhurst University, founded in 1893, which sits at the bottom of the hill at the edge of the Willamette River south of Portland. Sometimes I can faintly hear the old clock tower bells serenely ringing out the hour.

I can also hear the whinny of a horse, the screech of a hawk, the whoot of an owl, the coo of mourning doves, and an occasional coyote howl. And at the top of this hill, our 50 foot tall doug firs heave in a high wind.