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Chemtrail Global Awareness Day January 25, 2014

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

It is another dry day in Oregon. A day when it typically should be wet. Raining. For the past two days, the winds have howled. The skies were clear of clouds, though I did see some chemtrail activity, very high in the atmosphere, a couple of short trails which dissipated quickly.

Today the winds have calmed. The skies are bright sunny and blue, totally cloud-free, and overall chemtrail free. I was observing, with more than just a curious consideration. I was wondering if the Ones Who Ordered Chemtrail Sprayings knew this was a day where, around the world, concerned people had planned events which addressed their valid questions about chemtrail activity in our skies, and might lay low.

Until now. 1:00 PM. As I look west, through the trees I see two white trails far off low on the horizon.

That was about all the activity for the day.

Orgonite and Why They Say We Need It

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Since 2012, I have been extensively researching online for any other’s validations re: my own observations of the persistent chemtrail activity in our skies. I found that there are actually many different intelligent, skilled and passionate people out there around the world who have thoughts and experiences to share about the subject. And some of them are on opposite sides of the fence. It’s good to understand both sides.

Today I was introduced to Orgonite. Wow.

Nikola Tesla coils. Wilhelm Reich orgone energy. And more. . .

Here are some interesting links.

Don’t know quite how I feel about orgonite, but I know the spraying of chemtrails is real.

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day. In Portland, Oregon the sun shone all day long in a clean bright blue, cloud free and chemtrail free sky.

As we went about town, as the wonderful sun was shining, I kept my eye on the sky.

I saw Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Adams in the far distance crystal clear.

But this morning, once again, with my first apprehensive glance out my window, I was hit with that sickening feeling as I saw several lines of chemtrails being sprayed into the bright blue morning sky to the East.

West Linn Jan. 21 Morning Chemtrail Activity in the Eastern Sky

West Linn Jan. 21 Morning Chemtrail Activity in the Eastern Sky

Now, some 5 hours later, the sky is mostly veiled in a whispy white layer.

Open Your Eyes To Chemtrails

Friday, January 17th, 2014
Chemtrails Over West Linn January 16, 2014

Chemtrails Over West Linn January 16, 2014

“You mean Contrails.”

No, I mean Chemtrails, as in NOT the so-called normal occasional condensation that you see of the fuel residual of a random passenger jet’s engines passing overhead, but toxic chemicals being deliberately sprayed out from behind very fast flying military style planes at high altitude in long white vaporous lines, often in grid patterns, across the skies all over the world. There is no question that this spraying is happening every day. Based on acute observation and research across the globe, many people warn these incessant maneuvers are likely being done in the attempt to manipulate the weather. Or worse.

I have proof of the chemtrail activity in the skies over Portland, Oregon. I have been taking pictures since June 2012, after at least a year’s time before that, over which I had really started to take notice. My digital photos show date and exact time of each shot, documenting the typical characteristics of these chemical trails over the passing of time.

Many mornings as the sun was rising, I would see them being sprayed. It became very disturbing to see. The trails often lingered for up to an hour before softing and breaking up into wisps spread out across the atmosphere, obliterating a blue sky sunny morning into a day long murky haze.

It is not just one trail once in awhile. It is many many vapor trails day and night.

“You’re crazy.”

Strangers in the park skitter away from me if I ask them to look up and tell me they see the chemtrails and wonder about why this is being done. So far, my friends are dubious. No one wants to hear me talk about it. No one wants to dwell on “conspiracy theories.” People refuse to see what they see.

Wonderful veggie mazza plate at Ya Hala Lebanese Restaurant on SE Stark Street on Tuesday afternoon. When we stepped out onto the sidewalk after lunch, I could not help but look up to the sky and see.

Chemtrails over Stark Street January 14, 2014

Chemtrails over Stark Street January 14, 2014


Question What Is Being Sprayed in the Skies!

Friday, January 18th, 2013
Westlake Fire Station, a January afternoon quarter moon, and chemtrails being sprayed over Portland by fast-flying jets.

Westlake Fire Station, an afternoon quarter moon, and chemtrails being sprayed over Portland by fast-flying jets.

What is being sprayed across Oregon skies, January 17,  as we played tennis at Westlake Park?

I have been observing chemtrails repeatedly being sprayed out in gridlines over Portland, since at least Spring of 2010. Today is one of those days. Again. And, over the last year especially, I’m seeing obvious increased activities of chemtrail spraying.

Posted here are photos I took with my iPhone of the skies over Portland over a period of the last year, recording date and time. After I had noted so many sightings since 2010, I was compelled to take my first digital photograph in the morning of June 27, 2012 10:05:27AM in a simple 7 picture series ending 10:35:17AM. Note: after one half of an hour, still there!

Chemtrail vapor lines hanging in the air for over 30 minutes after being sprayed over Portland, Oregon.

Chemtrail vapor lines hanging in the air for over 30 minutes after being sprayed over Portland, Oregon.

Ya have to wonder! If someone was to be paying attention on almost any given day, they would see multiple white lines of “vapor” being drawn in the sky by high flying, fast flying jets: but I have found that when I mention this and try to talk with others about my observations, it makes people instantly uncomfortable. Most people do not want to hear, or even look up to the skies to see for themselves. . .

Multiple chemtrails sprayed today, widely visible from Foothills Park.

Multiple chemtrails sprayed today, widely visible from Foothills Park.

People who even question any of this are generally considered somehow weird or paranoid, or are simply outright labeled “conspiracy theorists.” For an example of general media coverage, Portlandians – Read [in the Willamette Weekly, December 7th, 2011 issue] Dr. Know’s ridiculing rebuttal to a question referring to this obvious reality of jets purposefully spraying vapor in grid patterns which hang in our skies. Link here. Seriously, Marty Smith?

My photos document proof of the existence of jets spraying chemtrails in grid patterns or lines which hang together for up to an hour. I saw repeatedly during the summer how early morning blue skies consistently became hazy and dirty grey looking after the vapor spray lines eventually dissipated with the same distinctive whispy coil effect.

Chemtrails December 27

Chemtrail Dec. 27, 2013 with a distinctive whispy coil look as it slowly dissipates.”

Chemtrails Jan. 4, 2013 with that distinctive effect of a whispy coil.

Chemtrails Jan. 4, 2013 with that distinctive effect of a whispy coil.

There has not been any official State or Federal admission that chemtrails actually exist. To those who question, it is explained that these are merely “normal” passenger airliners leaving contrails of exhaust which linger. Or just cloud formations. . .But I live just south of Portland and watch passenger airliners approach to and leave from PDX multiple times every day, and these airliners are not billowing white vaporous plumes which linger behind them. Not a one.

I have seen with my own eyes jets emitting chemtrails. And I am not the only one.

Chemtrails and hummingbird

Chemtrails and hummingbird, Lake Oswego evening skies July 1, 2012 8:20 PM.

Now, folks are reporting solid scientific evidence of a drastic increase of industrial heavy metals including aluminum and barium showing up in soil and water testing of natural areas all over the North american continent in alarmingly high measures, with unexplained origin of contamination.

Some people other than myself wonder if there is a connection.

WATCH THIS documentary by Michael J. Moore, who asks, “Why In The World Are They Spraying” freely available on YouTube.

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