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My peaceful day in a crazy world

Thursday, October 8th, 2009
lesser goldfinch • digital painting by Maggie Volk

lesser goldfinch • digital painting by Maggie Volk

By chance, I live in one of the most affluent towns, in a neighborhood with a century of history, on a private lake. I live in a 60-70 year old house with a 3/4 acre sloping wooded yard riddled with ivy covered boulder outcroppings. On any given morning, birds sing, chat, socialize in the yard. I may see the great blue heron at stand on the dock across the bay, Canadian geese families grazing on the nearby lawn. There have been dozens of goldfinches on the thistle bags over the summer. I gaze out the window for hours over the course of my day, watching them, adoring them as they fly about and feed and fraternize together. I wonder how much longer they will stay around, now that it is getting colder.

I just heard that horrible thump sound, a bird hitting the window, so painful to a bird lover, and to the bird, if not sudden death!

I went to the window, dreading to see. I saw a flicker on the suet cage, pecking away, that’s always a wonderful sight, and three heavy-bodied pigeon-looking creatures I have not seen before (Maybe dove?) strutting about out near the stone wall. They had substantial bodies, dusty blue-gray fluffy feathers, and as I scanned the patio underneath the window and did not find a crumpled bird body, I felt hopeful that the poor bird which hit the window and made that thudding sound actually just bounced off and would live for another day. I am relieved. So they looked to me like a parent with two or three juveniles, they all flapped clumsily away.

I hate it when a bird hits the window.

Full Moon In October

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

So we activated the furnace this past weekend.

The days are getting so much shorter. The sun has lowered it’s southern arcing track across the sky and the yard is now extra shady. The maples are tipped with red. The mornings damp and foggy, doug firs splay out rays of misty light as the sun rises tangerine in the east. This morning the thermometer reads 38!