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Squirrels Are Such Pests

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Bad Squirrel

It is a constant battle keeping the squirrels from wrecking havoc with the bird feeders. It’s an expensive endeavor, feeding the birds, and I don’t want to add “squirrel” food to the bill. So generally I have to rush out several times a day to chase one off. This one got it’s picture taken instead. I like to hang this feeder high in this camellia because the hummingbirds seem to feel safe here, and often sit and elaborately preen, even though in full view at my kitchen and sitting room windows. But this location makes it way too easy for the squirrel.

The Bird Watching Has Been Great!

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Cedar waxwings eating huckleberries in our yard

Not such a great picture, but thrilling to see so many cedar waxwings in our yard, in the treetops flitting about and chatting. Suddenly they rushed our huckleberry bushes and gobbled down the delicious ripe black berries whole, one by one, stripping this one little bush completely of fruit in just minutes.