Open Your Eyes To Chemtrails

Chemtrails Over West Linn January 16, 2014

Chemtrails Over West Linn January 16, 2014

“You mean Contrails.”

No, I mean Chemtrails, as in NOT the so-called normal occasional condensation that you see of the fuel residual of a random passenger jet’s engines passing overhead, but toxic chemicals being deliberately sprayed out from behind very fast flying military style planes at high altitude in long white vaporous lines, often in grid patterns, across the skies all over the world. There is no question that this spraying is happening every day. Based on acute observation and research across the globe, many people warn these incessant maneuvers are likely being done in the attempt to manipulate the weather. Or worse.

I have proof of the chemtrail activity in the skies over Portland, Oregon. I have been taking pictures since June 2012, after at least a year’s time before that, over which I had really started to take notice. My digital photos show date and exact time of each shot, documenting the typical characteristics of these chemical trails over the passing of time.

Many mornings as the sun was rising, I would see them being sprayed. It became very disturbing to see. The trails often lingered for up to an hour before softing and breaking up into wisps spread out across the atmosphere, obliterating a blue sky sunny morning into a day long murky haze.

It is not just one trail once in awhile. It is many many vapor trails day and night.

“You’re crazy.”

Strangers in the park skitter away from me if I ask them to look up and tell me they see the chemtrails and wonder about why this is being done. So far, my friends are dubious. No one wants to hear me talk about it. No one wants to dwell on “conspiracy theories.” People refuse to see what they see.

Wonderful veggie mazza plate at Ya Hala Lebanese Restaurant on SE Stark Street on Tuesday afternoon. When we stepped out onto the sidewalk after lunch, I could not help but look up to the sky and see.

Chemtrails over Stark Street January 14, 2014

Chemtrails over Stark Street January 14, 2014


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