Orgonite and Why They Say We Need It

Since 2012, I have been extensively researching online for any other’s validations re: my own observations of the persistent chemtrail activity in our skies. I found that there are actually many different intelligent, skilled and passionate people out there around the world who have thoughts and experiences to share about the subject. And some of them are on opposite sides of the fence. It’s good to understand both sides.

Today I was introduced to Orgonite. Wow.

Nikola Tesla coils. Wilhelm Reich orgone energy. And more. . .

Here are some interesting links.

Don’t know quite how I feel about orgonite, but I know the spraying of chemtrails is real.

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day. In Portland, Oregon the sun shone all day long in a clean bright blue, cloud free and chemtrail free sky.

As we went about town, as the wonderful sun was shining, I kept my eye on the sky.

I saw Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Adams in the far distance crystal clear.

But this morning, once again, with my first apprehensive glance out my window, I was hit with that sickening feeling as I saw several lines of chemtrails being sprayed into the bright blue morning sky to the East.

West Linn Jan. 21 Morning Chemtrail Activity in the Eastern Sky

West Linn Jan. 21 Morning Chemtrail Activity in the Eastern Sky

Now, some 5 hours later, the sky is mostly veiled in a whispy white layer.

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