Chemtrail Global Awareness Day January 25, 2014

It is another dry day in Oregon. A day when it typically should be wet. Raining. For the past two days, the winds have howled. The skies were clear of clouds, though I did see some chemtrail activity, very high in the atmosphere, a couple of short trails which dissipated quickly.

Today the winds have calmed. The skies are bright sunny and blue, totally cloud-free, and overall chemtrail free. I was observing, with more than just a curious consideration. I was wondering if the Ones Who Ordered Chemtrail Sprayings knew this was a day where, around the world, concerned people had planned events which addressed their valid questions about chemtrail activity in our skies, and might lay low.

Until now. 1:00 PM. As I look west, through the trees I see two white trails far off low on the horizon.

That was about all the activity for the day.

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