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This weblog relates to my fascination with the marvelous ease of sharing information across the world’s internet backbone. So many weblogs out there today! Like storms of snowflakes! Pretty similar delivery systems, and you might have to look closely, but each one is absolutely different.

Volkgraphics.com is my internet portal to my online digital portfolio. As an artist and writer, I have many uses for the powers of the internet, so I need to give this communication and networking method careful attention. But there is more to life! So I do get side tracked.

I am strongly left brained and right brained. I am wracked with left brain/right brain conflict. I love to create in an intuitional fashion, enjoying great surprise and joy in the outcome. But I also respect the processes of logic and planning. Efficiency in one’s life and the workplace is something to champion. It does not just happen. Chaos does not simply fall into order. But sometimes art just happens.

I think I most love a natural setting, the outdoors, wild places. I love nature in the marvelous diversity of species, flora and fauna. I love the smell of stargazer lilies, spruce pitch, purple bearded iris! I care about animals, cats, dogs, horses, bumblebees, hummingbirds. I love bird song, the sound of the wind in the trees, the crash of waves on a beach. My art and photography may try to capture an essense of nature’s light, colors and textures. See this page relating to my fascination with snowflakes and other hexagonal [six sided] patterns found in nature.

I am also interested in human history and cultural anthropology. Communications, both graphically and via the written word. Reasons we communicate. Ways we communicate. What it is we are trying to communicate. Philosophy. Linguistics. Examination of learning processes and challenges. Advertising and marketing. Body language. Intuition. Telepathy. Non-vocal interactions between different species.

I love spontaneity and trying new things.

That said, I try to always be aware of the moment, and open to a revelation.



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