Blue Skies Goodbyes

I find some comfort to know that there are many other intelligent empathetic people out in cyberspace, that is, REAL people blogging and sharing information across the world’s internet backbone, who I have discovered think and feel much like I do about some things in the world. They see the same things with their eyes and let me know. It is not delusion. It gives me a bit of hope that people will reach out and do good, in the face of much evidence to the contrary. The point is, I worry about things I’m seeing. I have a family. I want them to live a peaceful, healthy life. I have a responsibilty to do what I can to make that happen.

Yet there is so much out of my control, motivations I do not agree with, agendas contrary to the greater good. Some pretty crazy nasty stuff!

High on my list is the craziness of:

  • the perpetuation of multi-billion-dollar profit-making corporations which produce and promote synthetic artificial junk food in our society (pitted against the survival of small family farms and our basic freedom and right to produce and consume natural whole foods without being taxed or regulated)
  • the Drug War (End marijuana prohibition!)
  • environmental pollution (Monsanto! Bayer! Oil wells! Fracking! Fukushima radioactivity!)
  • nuclear power (did I say, Fukushima radioactivity!)
  • the healthcare and health insurance system which solely promotes pharmaceuticals and AMA diagnosis guidelines
  • addendum April 1, 2015: the mandatory vaccination hysteria currently sweeping the United States!

All of this in my face clearly every day!

But this, almost every day. And increasingly! CHEMTRAILS! OMG What is this!!!???

Chemtrail activity looking East from West Linn.

Chemtrail activity looking East from West Linn. High flying jets consistantly spray in grid lines from South to North. White vapor drifts and accumulates in the East as upper atmosphere air moves in that direction

I love blue skies and sunshine! I miss the blue skies and sunshine! Oh yeah, and as humans we NEED sunshine, as does nearly every other living thing.

So, why would anyone mastermind a Chemtrail program? Where does the money come from to set up and pay for such a project? What are the chemicals being sprayed? How does this affect you?

Here are some links about Chemtrails so you may begin to investigate for yourself. I did not make this stuff up.

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